Safer, smoother and smarter with wireless IoT sensors.

IoT sensors provide a new perspective

Knowledge is essential to efficient operations, safety, maintenance routines and innovation. Neuron wireless IoT sensors provides you with real-time information about your processes, machines, buildings and vessels. Our sensors are small, robust and they have very long operating range (up to 1500 meters). They are also extremely energy-efficient with a battery lifetime of up to 15 years.
Relative humidity

The RH sensor help you take care of people, animals, buildings and machines.


We have three different temperature sensors: surface, air and PT100 for liquids and harsh environments.


Watch the door! Neuron open/closed is a versatile device to monitor the trafic in your doors and drawers.


Neuron light sensor can be used to monitor whether the light is on or off. It works on signal lamps and room lightning.


Neuron digitalizator allows you to digitize and upload data from analogue instruments.


The Neuron pressure sensor measures air and liquid pressure.


Our gateways’ can handle up to 2000 sensors. Ethernet or GSM. Plug and play!

Web and app

You get instant access to real-time and historical sensor data online.

Do you need more insight into your prosesses, machines and buildings?


Neuron Starter


ex VAT
  • 5 basic sensors (air and surface temp, door, relative humidity, light)
  • 1 gateway
  • Neuron Dashboard
  • Lisence for year 1 included (value up to 1452 nok)
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Neuron medium


  • 25 basic sensors
  • 2 gateways
  • 5% discount on other equipment
  • Neuron Dashboard
  • Lisence for year 1 included (value up to 3876 NOK)
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Neuron Large


  • 100 basic sensors
  • 4 gateways
  • 10% on other equipment
  • Neuron Dashboard
  • Lisence for year 1 included (value up to 13152 nok)
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Neuron Special


  • Do you need more than 1000 sensors, or...
  • we almost have what you need, but not quite?
  • We love developing stuff!
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Neuron sensors are developed by El-Watch in Rindal, Norway.
Rindal, Norway
El-Watch is an innovative tech company developing and producing energy efficient electronics and wireless communication.We have developed and sold hi-tech solutions for the maritime, automotive, agriculture, buildings and power sector since 2002.
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